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Our Blog

How the Right Packaging Strengthens Brand Authenticity

Millennials are raising the bar for brands. For some time, the natural products consumer has been looking for product attributes on packaging that told them the product was natural, organic, sustainably grown, etc. While these attributes are still very important, it’s not all that they...


Excellence in Sustainability: More Than Lip-Service

At TrojanLitho our sustainability initiatives transcend the average environmental efforts of a company. We strive to continually advance our performance in this area. Some of these improvements in our sustainability process have included scalable packaging solutions and cutting-edge equipment that have made being eco-friendly, efficient. Some...


Clean Label Opportunity Within FDA Rule Change

The Change. The new FDA rule pertaining to the Nutrition Facts Label is asking food companies to make changes to their labels to ensure that they are truthful about what is in their product and that their package shows the correct nutritional information. This change can and...


Meet the Players: Our Environmental Sustainability Manager

As a packaging manufacturer and supplier we understand the responsibility we have to perform the highest level of sustainability possible. In this interview we talked to our full-time Sustainability Manager about our company's sustainability programs, goals, and accomplishments. Hear from Ryan about how he keeps...