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How the Right Packaging Strengthens Brand Authenticity

Millennials are raising the bar for brands. For some time, the natural products consumer has been looking for product attributes on packaging that told them the product was natural, organic, sustainably grown, etc. While these attributes are still very important, it’s not all that they look for. They are increasingly seeking out brands that implement sustainable practices and social responsibility at every level and are honest in their delivery of those practices.


Does the package tell the truth?


Recent market data tells us that 200 million people * in the United States are actively talking about deceitful packaging and truthful labels. The growing concerns about packaging portraying false ideas about products is making it imperative that brands are authentic with their packaging and the story it tells. It’s crucial that brands make customers feel comfortable when they read the package or label. Using a minimalistic style design and displaying transparent messages and information instills confidence in their choices about a product and a brand. Bold claims must be backed by companies’ actions. Confidence in a brands’ values can be demonstrated by social responsibility and the customer’s first experience with this is seeing what the package represents.


Make sure your packaging shares your values.


Consumers are looking for sustainability in companies’ eco-friendly aspects of their products and packaging. Many trending products and brands promote attributes such as organic or clean label but may be coming up short on environmental sustainability. To date, eco-labels on packaging may be eye-catching in the store aisle but have lost some consumer trust when it comes to supply chain. Claims by eco-labels must be supported by the actions of a brand’s supplier to hold credibility. Companies like ours offer sustainable packaging options such as responsibly sourced fiber, plant-based inks, biodegradable adhesives, and wind power printed packaging. By partnering with manufacturers and suppliers that are truly environmentally friendly in their practices, companies are much more likely to get credit from consumers for their sustainability missions, and hard work they’ve done to establish their product and brand claims.

*Data Collected by Cobia Systems, Inc. 12/17-2/18


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