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Our Blog

Feeling Krafty? – Things to Know About Printing on Kraft

Things to know when printing on Kraft: Kraft is an alternative to bleached board. Board color variation. The challenge of muted colors. The feeling of Kraft’s natural fibers.   When a product is created with natural or environmentally sourced resources, and/or with sustainability in mind, the packaging...


Biodegradable Windowing: See the Possibilities

Windowing takes consumers one step closer to those childhood days of the “Try Me” and “Press Here” buttons. Our minds don’t have to break through the closed packaging and imagine the product. Besides the window tempting consumers to buy the product, the transparency is important. Brand...


Can your packaging do more?

We all know the power of a first impression. Your first impression with consumers can determine whether they become your customer. The meaning, feel, and communication that you want to display are rooted in your brand, therefore rooted in your packaging. Your packaging is your first...



26 years ago John joined our team. He has worked all throughout the plant and knows a thing or two about Single-Face Laminate packaging. He shared with us some of the key components that help our plant provide the best material to carry our customers'...


Greatest Of All Time

Almost everyone has had to face the task of removing vegetation. Whether it is a residential property or a business, it can be expensive to hire someone else to do the work and it is time-consuming to do it yourself. However, there is an alternative...