Biodegradable Windowing: See the Possibilities - TrojanLitho
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Biodegradable Windowing: See the Possibilities

Windowing takes consumers one step closer to those childhood days of the “Try Me” and “Press Here” buttons. Our minds don’t have to break through the closed packaging and imagine the product. Besides the window tempting consumers to buy the product, the transparency is important.

Brand authenticity and transparency are still at the forefront of consumer priorities, windowing provides another level of honesty that graphic design could not accomplish.

With the current climate of the packaging industry consumers are drawn to brands and their packaging with low environmental impact. Many companies have moved away from windowing to eliminate their plastic use. The sustainable compromise is understandable and important, but no longer something to worry about. There are windowing material options that are recyclable, and there are windowing materials that are biodegradable. Certain types of windowing plastic that are recyclable or biodegradable are safe to be used on direct food contact products, as well.

Companies can capture the attention of their consumers while maintaining their environmental standards and maintain brand transparency.