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26 years ago John joined our team. He has worked all throughout the plant and knows a thing or two about Single-Face Laminate packaging. He shared with us some of the key components that help our plant provide the best material to carry our customers’ valuable products.


How does our process set us apart

John: We are always keeping up with technology and making sure our team is trained on the new equipment. When we got the new Bobst laminator, we had our vender train all our team members. Anyone can have all the new technology in the world but if you don’t have a great team with sufficient training your equipment won’t run at its best. Our team is always keeping up with growth, keeping people trained to sustain our fast pace industry.


What should others know about our Laminating Department?

John: We have a full arsenal of abilities, we can move between wide ranges of flute sizes seamlessly and are always trying new things. None of that would be possible if we didn’t have our awesome crew that has continued to grow. The team strives to do a great job on each project, working 24/7, showing their dedication to their work. The best part of the job is when everything works right!


What are some of your favorite projects to work on?

John: The continuous improvement teams are my favorite because it is all in an effort to make our job easier and more organized. The changes make people happier which makes builds our community. We are never done changing or improving, we are never done bettering our product for our customers.


John truly embodies our desire for quality products by starting at the roots with quality equipment and a quality team.