Can your packaging do more? - TrojanLitho
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Can your packaging do more?

We all know the power of a first impression. Your first impression with consumers can determine whether they become your customer. The meaning, feel, and communication that you want to display are rooted in your brand, therefore rooted in your packaging.

Your packaging is your first impression. But, how do you make your packaging extend beyond that first impression and evolve into a lasting impression?

New printing technologies have brought the Virtual Reality gaming experience to your packaging. Using apps like Zappar you can capture an image that is on your packaging. The app takes consumers to an animated video, an interactive camera screen, or maybe a game menu, all sourced from a spot on your packaging through the image captured by the app. Consumers don’t need the full VR headset, they just need a smartphone, an app, and your package! If you use apps such as Zapper, all your packaging needs is a “zapcode” or a particular image that has been programmed into the app.

The extra marketing real estate and action provide an additional avenue for your brand to establish the experience you want. If you want your packaging to be more than a box to your customers make sure you find a packaging company that can help you bring your product to life!

Space on your packaging may be limited, that doesn’t mean your reach has to be.