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Clean Label Opportunity Within FDA Rule Change

The Change.

The new FDA rule pertaining to the Nutrition Facts Label is asking food companies to make changes to their labels to ensure that they are truthful about what is in their product and that their package shows the correct nutritional information. This change can and should be more than just smacking a new label on the package.

More Than a Quick Fix.

As a packaging manufacturer and supplier for the food industry, we recognize this to be an opportunity to show transparency as a company and as a necessary step towards providing the environmentally conscious customer with the information they are overwhelmingly looking for.

Changing the nutritional label on packaging is the first step towards being the truthful food company people recognize compared to other similar brands. Although, this still doesn’t address the growing consumer concern of cluttered and confusing food packaging.

It’s Not Just About The Label.

Many recent studies have shown that consumers are asking for clean labels. For packaging, it means they’re wanting designs that lend an easy to read, uncomplicated, minimalist style.  It is, additionally, the sustainability of the product and the package itself that are communicated on the box. Using ecolabels on the package that pertain to the product inside and the packaging are important to show environmentally responsible consumers that you, as a company, truly care about the contents of the product, but also about creating a greener planet.

We’ve found through our experience with our various certifications for sustainability and food safety and working with large food companies that companies need to clean up their labels with new designs and/or structures that will most truthfully present their nutritional and environmental information.

This may be a bit of a challenge for companies to change their labels, but, overall, an opportunity for brands to tell their story about how they fit into the growing clean and truthful food category.


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