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Progressive Plant-Based Packaging

The usual concerns that a consumer has when purchasing a product, like price and convenience, are now competing with sustainability. We have found that upwards of 200 million people in the *United States are talking about the environment and how it relates to packaging waste. Change is afoot.

We keep our customers and the earth in mind when it comes to our business practices. Our commitment to providing natural materials for packaging stems from customer demand for natural alternatives.  Our progressive printing and packaging processes begin with using materials that are plant-based. It’s important for our customers to feel confident in our environmental practices, so that their customers feel comfortable believing in their brand and values.


Recyclable Ink with No to Low VOCs


VOC inks emit gasses that are hazardous to the earth and also humans that are breathing it. Historically, VOC emissions have been one of the leading causes of pollution from the printing industry. To participate in doing our part to lower our plant pollution we use Agra-inks and UV Hybrid inks in our print process. The Agra-inks are plant-based and biodegradable. When inks aren’t used in their entirety we are able to reuse this ink. There’s also no need to separate the packaging in recycling because the inks are completely recyclable, which reduces energy use. The best part is our inks have virtually no VOCs. Brands can still customize their packaging with bold, colorful design without sacrificing the environment.


All Natural Adhesive


In addition to using eco-friendly printing inks, we also use plant-based materials in our laminating process. The adhesive for our lamination process is corn starch and completely natural. The alternate adhesive that many manufacturers use releases formaldehyde into the environment, polluting the earth we love and share. Corn starch is an eco-adhesive that is non-toxic and has no odor, creating healthier conditions for our plant.


We pair with like-minded brands that want to be a part of safeguarding the natural environment and protecting human health. We offer a multitude of packaging options, including vegetable adhesives and ink, to maximize your packaging design and align with your sustainability values. We help companies achieve their absolute best in packaging sustainably.


*Data Collected by Cobia Systems, Inc. 12/17-2/18


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