Steps Towards Being an Environmentally Friendly Packaging Plant (Infographic) - TrojanLitho
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Steps Towards Being an Environmentally Friendly Packaging Plant (Infographic)

It is important for brands to work with suppliers that take the steps to be sustainable. Consumers overwhelmingly want to buy products that are natural or organic, but it is now just as important that the brand is environmentally responsible. This means manufacturing your product in a facility that is committed to the environment, as well as assuring the components of your products are environmentally friendly.

As a business there are many ways we practice sustainability. These practices include an extensive recycling program for various types of waste and purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates. Additionally, at TrojanLitho we make a serious effort to purchase raw materials with as much recycled content as possible that can be incorporated into our customers’ packaging.

We strive to do the right thing, the right way – serving our customers and employees, the communities we call home, and the earth we share.

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