Meet the Players: Our Press Lead Brian - TrojanLitho
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Meet the Players: Our Press Lead Brian

Hear what our press lead, Brian, had to say about helping our customers score every dayHe’s a seasoned coach for our customers’ packaging captivation needs, with over 30 years of experience on our packaging team.


How do you help our customer’s score?

Brian: When a customer explains what look they are going for I can offer creative solutions on how to make the package look the best.

To reach the winning design I do things such as:

  • Attend New Item meetings
  • Advise when to additionally use Pantone colors, special effects, and coatings
  • Eliminate color variation
  • Work directly with my customers
  • Coordinate press checks
  • Meet with the Scheduler every day to make sure jobs stay on time/ run as efficiently as possible


How do you take part in making sure the product is of the highest quality?

Brian: I can make real-time adjustments by doing color cuts to ensure each copy is printing the same. When I do a press check with a customer I am checking with them for the correct colors, color quality, and registration of the colors. This is when the customer can see a match of the final product before they give it a go.


What is your favorite kind of project to work on?

Brian: I like to work on projects where I get to use my experience to create packages with awesome special effects and enhancements. It can be a challenge, but rewarding in the end.


What is something unique about our press room?

Brian: We have an in-plant ink room that makes colors on the spot, so we can efficiently make necessary changes to the product during a press check.


Brian takes on any project with strategy and excitement and helps our customers call each play.


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