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Ink & Color Customization in Packaging

Color precision is key when it comes to branding. It is ideal for printing and packaging companies to possess the right tools in order to provide the resources needed to reach that precision.

Importance of Color Consistency

Customers connect specific colors to brands or products. If a company doesn’t have consistent colors associated with their brand it is much more challenging for customers to correlate color to the brand when they see it.

The ink drawdown process is necessary to identify the correct color match for any Pantone color. Color matching enables brands to use their Pantone ink colors consistently throughout their company and their branding. Clients of ours, such as Almond Roca, keep their iconic brand colors consistent throughout all their products and packaging by creating their own brand Pantone color. Some colors are not achievable using the basic CMYK. When a color calls for additional brightness or depth the use of a Pantone color is often needed.

Convenience of Inhouse Ink

To keep complete control of print colors, we have an inhouse ink team that mixes the Pantone inks. Sometimes throughout the printing process, a sheet will be printed and it doesn’t match the brand’s Pantone color exactly from the drawdown they signed off on. Having the flexibility of an inhouse ink team makes press checks more efficient for our customers because onsite color changes can be presented directly to the customer at the same time that they are reviewing the press sheet, keeping the convenience of our “one-stop-shop”.

Color gives life, conveys a story, and represents a brand. It is important to be confident in the color and story your packaging displays. There is no better way of ensuring that your colors project the correct brand image than if you have control over the color creating and matching process.