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Heidelberg Short Run Edge: Scalability & Sustainability

The Heidelberg Press is a leading-edge, performance enhancing instrument that helps us and our customers continually improve. The increasing demand for variety can easily be met with this high-level press.



We have the liberty to take on unique folding carton projects that vary in size with the Heidelberg. Diverse packaging graphics in multiple shapes and sizes can be done in short runs. These runs are efficient and accurate, showing performance at its best.


The efficiency and accuracy of the press go beyond its quick printing capability. Unlike Digital printing, the Heidelberg’s ability to carry consistent color throughout the run means high-quality print, but more importantly, it means less re-dos and time spent trying to coach the press. Additionally, a capability that makes the press extremely efficient is the make-ready and order speed at 15,000 sheets an hour and ability to get color within 35 sheets.



Our Heidelberg press holds up to our high sustainability standards. The press reduces power consumption, and puts out 90% less waste. Also, the press was manufactured by Heidelberg with carbon Neutral Certificates to offset the production of the press itself.







The press enables us to be flexible, agile, and sustainable. Brands looking for multiple graphics for seasonal-ization or to print a variety of shapes and sizes are able to leverage the Heidelberg short run advantage.