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Extend the Life Cycle of a Tree and Your Product

There are two sides to why sustainable packaging can be a great option: What it means for the environment and what it means for a company.


Be a Responsible Member of the Packaging World:

The packaging industry is vast and in most cases, involves a considerable amount of paper products. This means that the packaging world, in its entirety, uses an abundance of resources and can have a significant effect on the environment. We believe it is important, as a company that manufactures packaging, to contribute to the generation of demand for products that are made responsibly. We are proud to be Forest Stewardship Council Certified and Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified, so we can protect the environment and provide these as tools for you to utilize. Companies that choose environmentally friendly packaging create a positive impact that most other mediums cannot match.


What Sustainable Packaging Can Mean For You:

Fortunately, more people are joining the environmentally friendly movement and becoming concerned about the environment and how we are treating it. Not only is this good news for our environment, it is good news for business. The Natural Marketing Institute found that if companies are mindful of their impact on society and the environment, it positively impacts their trial and repeat purchasing behavior and decreases their price sensitivity.  The message that companies’ packaging sends by using sustainable packaging is greatly noticed by consumers.


Benefits of Sustainable Packaging:

  • Reducing the number of materials used in packaging, packing, and shipping
  • Less material means more can fit in shipping and pallets
  • Relieves stress of having to know packaging source
  • Protect the environment
  • Shows credibility to your environmental efforts
  • Tracked fiber content from certified lands
  • Encourage others to make a positive environmental impact


Do Something About It:

So that consumers are able to easily identify that the product meets certain environmental standards, we provide companies with the choice to print an assortment of ecolabels on their packaging. By adding the ecolabels to a package it gives the customer quick information that they can use in making their brand purchase decision. Not only is this important because it gives consumers the information they’re looking for, but the ability to have the logos on the package can be a ticket into some markets that now require environmentally certified products, opening new doors for the company and increasing their customer base.



As an environmentally responsible company, we choose to implement sustainability initiatives and are committed to the prevention of pollution and greenhouse gases to reduce the harsh effect that packaging waste can have.

We want to create a difference in the state of the environment and a difference between companies and their competition. Sustainable packaging can increase the life cycle of trees and the life cycle of your product.


Visit us at Natural Foods Expo West 2018 to learn more about how to be a responsible member of the packaging world.