Meet the Players: Our Environmental Sustainability Manager - TrojanLitho
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Meet the Players: Our Environmental Sustainability Manager

As a packaging manufacturer and supplier we understand the responsibility we have to perform the highest level of sustainability possible. In this interview we talked to our full-time Sustainability Manager about our company’s sustainability programs, goals, and accomplishments. Hear from Ryan about how he keeps us ahead of the game environmentally.


How are our employees engaged in our initiatives?

Ryan: We believe it’s important that our sustainability is carried out through the actions of each of our employees, not just those who work directly with sustainability. Our initiatives are mostly communicated through Monthly Safety/Sustainability Meetings and Group Information Boards. They are also communicated through department supervisors at the beginning of shifts. This communication helps employees to be guided by our sustainability principles as they go through their normal day at work.


In what ways do we offer sustainable products/services as a supplier?       

Ryan: As a company TrojanLitho makes attempts to reduce waste and minimize our footprint on the environment.

  • We procure materials from environmentally responsible sources.
  • We use the most environmentally friendly chemicals available in our production processes.
  • We produce high-quality products that allow our customers peace of mind, as well as a competitive edge with the added marketability of environmentally friendly products.


What future projects do we have coming up?

Ryan: I am working on building a company garden, becoming part of the TICCIT program, and having a Company Waste Recycling Day.


What is a recent accomplishment?

Ryan: We started recycling Styrofoam as a company and have minimized 20 – 55 Gallon size garbage bags of it since November 2017.


What steps at home do you take to promote sustainability?

Ryan: I plant organic produce to share with neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers. I try to minimize my natural resource usage by implementing inventive ways to conserve water. I turn off the lights when I leave rooms, turn down the thermostat when I go to work and to bed.  I feed the birds and provide housing for “free”.

Also, I, and many others at TrojanLitho, will be riding my bike to work on days that the weather is favorable to do so.


Ryan consistently improves our sustainability processes and is someone we all continue to learn from for ways to help the environment, on and off the clock. 


Schedule a time to see us at Expo West and learn more about our sustainability practices.