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Clarisonic Captivates This Season

Brands want to add the same shine and spirit of the holidays to their packaging, but dread the process. Between Clarisonic’s great graphic design and our team’s innovators of captivation we were able to help them find an easy way to suit up their line-up for the big season.


Our Flexibility for Their Customization Needs

Unique seasonal customizations require shorter runs and more SKUs. That doesn’t have to be challenging. For us it all comes down to our capability of being flexible. With us Clarisonic was enabled to push it to the limit for their holiday packaging, which meant multiple package designs and more than 4 different SKUs, leading to an increased holiday presence on the shelf.


The Ways of Captivation:

  • Multiple colors of foil
  • Multiple colors of glitter
  • Embossing
  • Unique Structural Design


Creating a seasonal package is convenient for our customers and also their consumers. With the beauty of these boxes they didn’t even need to wrap it.

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