Single-Face Litho Laminate - TrojanLitho
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Single-Face Litho Laminate

When aesthetics aren’t enough, our Single-Face Litho Laminate strengthens your package in more ways than one. We print on a high-impact topsheet before laminating it to a single-face corrugate, giving your graphics package a sturdier feel. We offer 5 flute sizes to fit your needs.


Heavier goods use our Single-Face Litho Laminate for extra support and protection, while many lighter-weight luxury and premium products like its more substantial feel. Conscious brands are also turning strength into sustainability with simpler designs that eliminate wasteful inserts and plastic material.


TrojanLitho is the only western-regional supplier with large format presses that can produce Single-Face Litho Laminate and control its cost structure in-house. Enabling us to customize graphics, print, and scale more efficiently than direct print flexo or pre-print.


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