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The 8 Color Advantage

As one of the only packaging manufacturers in the Northwest with an 8 Color Press, we’re here to tell you why you should leverage our 8 color printing capability.


When using the 8 Color Process additional colors means additions wins.

It’s obvious that an 8 color printing press would enable you to use more colors than a typical 4 or 6 color press. What isn’t so obvious is the advantages that the system scores for our customers.


Quality visuals, customized colors, and unique effects all in one pass.

Advantage 1: Pantone Colors

  • Turn a 4 color build into a Pantone color for consistency during a run
  • Additional Pantone colors for Logo
  • Enhance an image using Pantone colors


Advantage 2: Captivation

  • Special effects
  • Special coatings


8 Color printing is a cost-effective and efficient tool our customers can leverage to get the captivating package they want without being held back by limited options and inconsistent or inaccurate color.


Hear more about our unique capabilities.