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3 Prepared Steps for a Brand’s Club Store Success

The exchange between a Club Store and their supplier may seem like a simple process; if a Club Store wants your product they will take it. However, it is the responsibility of the brand to prepare the product for entry into the Club Store.

Generally, brands will prepare their product and price-point for Club Stores, yet they will face a list of often unforeseeable demands. Club Stores hold specific requirements because their aisles must be universal and efficient. The right packaging partner is familiar and confident in meeting these conditions.

All products in Club Stores have to fit on a pallet that is universally sized, they need to be stackable, and they need to contain the correct amount of product that the store wants. As a brand develops their Club Store display, there is often ample room for additional branding, on the tray and/or pallet skirt the product will be presented by. Balancing all of the demands can be challenging, but our process covers each one thoroughly while working directly with our client.

The numerous product displays and packaging of our client base that have been successful in the Club Store arena are a validation of our process.

Structural Design

The process begins by designing the structure. Although the pallets are a universal size, each product is different, so it’s important to determine the best size and shape of each tray/box that will be stacked on the pallet. Once the tray size has been determined, the team can use the weight of the product to determine structural integrity.

Once the outer tray or box has been approved the sample will go through our Box Compression Tester, which will test the pressure the tray can withstand, making sure it will hold the weight of the product, tray stacks, and pallet stacks, without breaking or collapsing.

Branding & Display

Even though a pallet display is heavy on functionality, it’s a great place to add branding. Pallet displays can convey a larger quantity, can allow for additional information, and are used to add real estate for marketing. An equipt structural design team will keep all this in mind while they are designing the structure, but the brand will have creative control over the graphics display.


In order to optimize a client’s time, trial and error turn around time must be as short as possible. There is technology software that can help automate the process.

The technology that we use includes a CAD program which determines the size and shapes of the tray or box. After the CAD file has been created the design team will use TOPS Palletization, which calculates the product arrangement on the pallet to maximize efficiency based on size and shape and the product quantity the Club Store wants. TOPS will configure multiple layouts to easily determine which is best. 

Using a 3D Rendering program customers can see what the entire display would look like in the aisle of the store.

All of these steps continue to keep the requirements of Club Store’s at the center because their approval is the goal. It takes dedicated time and experience for a packaging company to offer the needed tools, that balance brand desires, and Club Store specifications.